You can pay with bitcoin in minutes and receive your subscription instantly! Bitcoin is the most secure and safe way to pay for our services.

If for some reason you can not pay with bitcoin, we have more payment methods like CREDIT CARD, P A Y P A L, S K R I L L and N E T E L L E R but keep in mind that those payment methods are not always available and we advise against using them because of the high risk regarding the products [illegal in many countries].

Sometimes we reach the limits of total free trials per day, we can not accept more free trial requests. If we do not reply during 24h you can try to send an other request.

You can use one subscription for up to 5 simultaneous devices depending on the plan you've choosing, but remember it is only valid in one home [same network] , sharing a personal account with other people will result in a permanent ban.

Yes we can select the only bouquets you need to show up in your tv , just ask us

Normally we deliver subscription details 1h after the payment, sometimes it may take long depending on the availability of the support team. But maximum waiting time should not take more than 12h. 

No, we do not support catch up tv at the moment, We may implement the feature soon.